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Artwork & Design by Dylan Chudzynski
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Sometimes you find what you're looking for.

A young couple on a weekend trip in the American south embark on an impromptu "Bigfoot hunt" that threatens both their relationship & their lives.

Ben & Annie are a young couple living in Chicago, on a weekend trip to Annie's small North Carolina hometown. At the local bar they run into Paul, a charming old friend of Annie's, and Ben learns something he never knew about his girlfriend: She believes in Bigfoot. In fact, she and her friends used to "hunt" for the creature when they were kids. Before Ben knows it, he's off on an impromptu Squatchin' trip deep in the Carolina backwoods. Amidst the Squatch calls, campfire stories and beers, Ben quickly realizes that Paul may have an ulterior motive in bringing Annie to the woods. And something else out here seems to be after her as well. Everyone but Ben thinks its Bigfoot. But it can't be, can it? After all, Bigfoot isn't real...

DAN RIESSER   |   Writer, Director
Dan Riesser is a filmmaker & TV producer based in Los Angeles, originally from North Carolina. His short films have played at festivals worldwide and his TV producing and directing can be seen weekly on E! Entertainment's THE SOUP. Stomping Ground is his first feature film. Dan is repped by Amy Wagner at Abrams Artists & Mike De Trana at Anvil Entertainment.
For more, visit danriesser.com.

ALEXANDER SABLOW   |   Director of Photography
Alexander Sablow is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking, and has experience on features, shorts, music videos, and commercials. His work has screened at film festivals including SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, Locarno, and more. For more, visit alexandersablow.com.

THERESA TILLY   |   Actress
Theresa Tilly is an actress best known as one of the original "Ladies of the Evil Dead" from Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic The Evil Dead.

Even though Stomping Ground is a movie about a big hairy mythical beast, it’s still a very personal film to me. Making a movie about the south and filming in my home state of North Carolina was important. Telling an authentic character-driven story that doesn’t paint everything in southern stereotypes was crucial. And spending a month “back home” surrounded by old friends and family to bring my first feature film to life was an absolute dream come true. I hope everyone who watches it becomes a believer.

Runtime: 80 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Shooting Format: RED Epic
Sound Mix: Dolby 5.1
Filming Location: North Carolina, USA

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